Sunday, 31 July 2011

Are Mind Map Topics Just Bullet Points by Another Name?

Mind mapping applications such as MindManager and MindGenius are now coming with built in presentation tools that help you:

  • Create a presentation
  • Create visuals to support the presentation
  • Present the visuals you have prepared.

You may be familiar with how they work ... having created a map, these tools help you select topics and branches to include in your slides.  They give you more or less control over which topics to include in each slide and what level of sub-topic or sub-branch they are drilled down to.

MapofPresentationHaving organised what you want to say using a map, it is possible to create slides from the topics very quickly - real advantage especially when pressed for time.



TopicsasBulletsBut beware!  If all you do is build a set of slides presenting snap shots of the topics on your map you may end up with slides containing not much more than bullet points in disguise .....


To get around this ....

1. Design the presentation using mapping software - there are lots of advantages

2. Treat the map as both the story board and script for what you will say

3. Identify the key places in your script where you will support your words with a visual - a slide

4. Insert a topic at this point ... If the visual is ready, insert it ... If it isn't, leave a note or two to act as a place markerWord Script with slides added






5. When all the visuals are ready and included in the map, build your slides and include only the topics containing the images or pictures you have selected.


A final thought about bullet points ... or bullet topics ... there will be times where a list of headlines is a useful thing to present as a visual - an agenda for instance or a summary of the key topics presented at the end to help the audience remember what you have just told them.

MG Presentation









The images and slides used in this post were created using MindGenius.  If you would like to know more about MindGenius, do visit the web site and try the product free for 30 days.

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