Saturday, 23 July 2011

WikiSummarizer - Enhanced Support for Mind Mapping Applications

WikiSummarizer from Context Discovery is a web-based application that specialises in summarising Wikipedia articles.  Aimed at anyone who needs to learn, understand or write about topics, the application will benefit such diverse roles as researcher, student, writer, journalist and blogger.

WikiSummarizer is undergoing constant development and a new feature is the ability to download summaries to XMind and iThoughts, with a single click. 


This adds to the direct download capability for mind mapping applications - providing alternatives to the original MindManager download.



Here is a summary of the Wikipedia article on "Wine" downloaded directly to XMind.





The ability to load downloaded summaries into mind mapping applications other than Mind Manager was demonstrated using the Rich Text Format (RTF) file download option - see: Mapping with WikiSummarizer.

However there is of course a much simpler option - if your favourite mind mapping application is able to open/import a MindManager map then simply download the summary as a MindManager file, launch your application and open/import the file.  It came to me in one of those Homer Simpson "Doh!" moments.....prompted by Henry Lewkowicz, naturally.



Here the "Wine" summary as opened with MindGenius 4.







Here, the MindView version.






The option to open a MindManager map is also available in IMindMap - image coming soon!

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