Friday, 4 May 2012

Business Continuity - a New Group at Biggerplate

The key to effective business continuity management is recognising the more mundane and more likely threats to your business. This Biggerplate group brings together maps that can help you plan for dealing with the worst.


This Group includes all the MindGenius maps (and one extra originally provided as a MindManager map) on the subject of Business Continuity first introduced on this blog.  These are:

  1. A Simple Business Continuity Planning Process
  2. Business Continuity Policy - Guide and Template
  3. Business Continuity Plan - Template
  4. Dealing with the Unexpected - Planning Procedure.

The original blog posts provide a little more background to each of the maps and can be accessed by clicking the 'business continuity' Blogger label (below) or by following this link.

Follow this link to access the Biggerplate Business Continuity Group.  Please add further maps on the subject as you find or develop them.

The new Groups feature lets you bring together all the maps on Biggerplate that relate to your area of interest.  Other Biggerplate users who might be interested in the subject and the maps you’ve gathered can then join the group to access and contribute to the pool of maps.

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