Thursday, 3 May 2012

MindGenius for iPad - Coming Soon

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Coming soon from MindGenius is an app for the iPad.

The pre-release information confirms that MindGenius for iPad retains the essential look and feel of MindGenius.

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It can be used in conjunction with MindGenius for PC, users being able to open maps created in the desktop version and vice versa.

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Highlights to Watch Out For

  • Simple gestures to add and move branches, allowing you to quickly capture and structure your thoughts.
  • Use Output Tree or Map diagram layouts.
  • Add multiple branches without interruption, initiate Add branch to access the keyboard then simply Type and select ‘+’ to add multiple branches.
  • Includes the unique MindGenius Map Explorer which allows you to focus in on any branch in your map to expand and add more detail.
  • Pan mode, extends the navigation capability of the map explorer while browsing large maps.
  • 100% compatible with MindGenius desktop; Notes, categories, resources, pictures and action properties are all retained.
  • Send maps between the desktop and iPad using Dropbox integration or email.

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I'm not an iPad user however I am keen to hear the experiences of those who adopt the app. Do drop me a line or comment on this post with your first thoughts.

The MindGenius for iPad app is free and will be available in the next couple of weeks.

Keep an eye out for more information at the MindGenius web site.

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If you would like to know more about MindGenius, do visit the web site and try the product free for 30 days.

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