Thursday, 28 June 2012

Planning Effective Meetings - Ask Yourself ....

The success of any meeting you hold will depend largely on your preparation. In the heat of the moment it is very easy to call a meeting, get everyone together and then stumble through some unproductive conversation - a case perhaps.of 'Ready, Fire ....Aim'.

Even a few minutes spent considering what the meeting is about will help deliver an better outcome and greater satisfaction for those involved.  It is helpful to run through a few questions to help shape your approach.

First consider the purpose, attendees, expectations and ideas that need to be discussed.

Before the Meeting Ask Yourself

Then consider what style the meeting will take ... a consultation, a directive or something else?  How ill decisions be made ... a group vote or an executive decision?

Before the Meeting Ask Yourself 2

How will the key findings of the meeting be recorded and what do you anticipate the actions might be?

Before the Meeting Ask Yourself 3

Having thought through these questions it is always worth asking yourself, 'Do I still need a meeting?'.  The thinking you've just done may give you the answer you were seeking.

Before the Meeting Ask Yourself 4

These questions are available as a simple MindGenius map that you can use as a planning template.  The map also contains a planning worksheet that you can edit or print and use to make notes on. 

It is available from Biggerplate at Before the Meeting, Ask Yourself ....  The map can also be found in the Planning Effective Meetings Group at Biggerplate.  The group also has a MindManager version of the map.

Before the Meeting Ask Yourself 5



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