Monday, 18 June 2012

Running Effective Meetings

Running an effective meeting depends largely on two things:

  • What you do before the meeting
  • What you do at the very start of the meeting.

If you get these right, and you have invited the right participants, the meeting is more likely to achieve your purpose.

The last few minutes of the meeting should be used to consolidate and reinforce the achievements.

Four Key Steps

Running Effective Meetings 1

Running Effective Meetings 2

Running Effective Meetings 3

Running Effective Meetings 4

What is Your Role?

So, if you are calling a meeting, think about your role:

  • Before the meeting
  • At the start of the meeting
  • During the meeting ..... and ...
  • At the end of the meeting.

At each step, what will you do and what will you say?

A MindGenius map containing the above points is available at Biggerplate.  For this and other maps on effective meetings see the 'Planning Effective Meetings' Group.

Running Effective Meetings 5


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