Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Add Topics Your Way - a MindGenius Tip

This quick tip shows how you can control MindGenius behaviour when you are adding topics/branches to a map. Understanding this behaviour can help you choose the option best suited to the way you work. It can help reduce interruptions to the train of thought, especially when creating topics at speed.

 When adding topics to a MindGenius map, the default behaviour is for the editing "focus" to remain with the currently selected topic. This is great when you want to add lots of sub-topics.

You may prefer a different option - such as when adding a list of Level 1 topics or a list of sub-topics at the same time. In this instance you may want the editing "focus" to switch to the newly added topic each time, thus allowing you to enter the next topic from that point on, just by hitting "Enter".

This behaviour is controlled by a simple check box toggle that can be found by following "Tools > Options > General".

It may be worth experimenting to understand the best option for the given situation.

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